SD35-Roller Type Linear Slot Diffusers

Slot diffusers with 35 mm diffuser face (nominal width) and adjustable air control elements.

Slot diffusers with 35 mm diffuser face (nominal width) and adjustable air control elements.

Nominal length from 600 to 1950 mm, 1 toslots
Volume flow rate range 16 – 136 (l/s)/m or 55 – 487 (m³/h)/m
Diffuser face made of extruded aluminium sections
For variable and constant volume flows

Typical Applications

The slot diffuser, types SD35 and SD50 is used for thesupply and return cooled and heated air in facilities such

as offices, shops, meeting rooms with heights from approx 2,60m to 4,00m.It is designed for installation in theceiling and is avaible from 1 to 4 slots. Each slot is individually adjustable and equipped with control blades. Thedirection of the airflow can be adapted to the required room condition by rotating of control blades. All lengths areavaible so that the diffuser fits ideally in every ceiling system.


Extruded aluminium frame and plastic air control blades


Submittals Form-SD35 (Metric)

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Performance Data-SD35(metric)

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