Sale Density: Average

• Standard Material: AISI-304 Stainless Steel.
• Designed for providing high hygiene at operating rooms, clean rooms, etc.
• Keeps fibers and particles away from the air duct inlet access, during return air process.
• The pore structure is appropriate to DIN 4185 standard.
• Mounted with 4 mm screws on frame with appropriate quantity.
• On request, damper can be added to control air flow volume.
• Eloxal, anodizing or electrostatic powder coating with the colour from RAL catalogue.


Sale Density: Avarage

• Standard Material: AISI-304 Stainless Steel.
• Suitable for air supply and return air where hygenic requirements shall be met e.g hospitals, clean rooms, food industry and paharmeceutical facilites.
• Leakage test holes are available.
• Has three models: Circular Lateral Access (HFB-192), Circular Overhead Access (HFB-292), Rectangular Lateral Access (HFB-392).
• Hepa Filter Boxes are designed and manufactured in compliance with DIN 1946/Part4, with %100 leakage proof guarantee.
• Provides exact solutions to necessary applications with wide usage range.
• Eloxal, anodizing or electrostatic powder coating with the color from RAL catalogue.


Sale Density: Avarage

• A pressure range of 100 to 400 Pa.
• Specialized formed, insulated, housing painted by an electrostatic powder coated finish on galvanized sheet.
• Three speed levels, self-control motor, double suction type centrifugal fans.
• With an aluminum plate recuperator having a 55% efficiency, energy consumption.
• Washable G2 fresh air and exhaust filter, electrical control panel containing power and control equipment.
• Optional duct type electric or water heating cell.
• Standard, three speed levels commutator switch and an optional digital, multifunctional electronic panel connectable to the BMS (Building management system).
• Optional air quality - CO2 sensor, air supply sensor.
• 230V 50 Hz. - 400V - 50 Hz. Power feeding options of the electric heater.
• Ceiling or wall-mounted, versatile use capability, easy maintenance and mounting.


Sale Density: Low

• Standard Material: Galvanized Steel Sheet. Optional: Stainless Steel.
• Usable for sterility-sensitive places such as operating rooms, chemical labs and clean rooms.
• Laminar flow provides removal of particles and microbes from requested area.
• According to DIN 1946/4 and DIN 25414, especially surgeries that require a high level of sterility fulfillment of the conditions. 100% Leak proof tested.
• Proper disinfection and ease of maintenance.
• Mounted easily to all types of ceilings.


Sale Density: High

• Standard Material: Galvanized Steel Sheet. Optional: Stainless Steel.
• Used as pre-heating elements in ventilation systems with fresh air.
• Has two models: Standard Model (DTH-195) and Circular Model (DTH-295).
• Fixed with bolts to air ducts.


Sale Density: High

• Ability to orientate air by plastic (ABS) louvers.
• Electrostatic powder coated finish decorative exterior housing.
• Three speed levels, direct coupled, double-suction type centrifugal fan - motor group.
• High efficient coil and rubber-based interior isolation.
• Command system with a thermostat mountable onto wall or device.
• Washable and easily detachable G2 filter.
• Quiet and safe running ability, easy servicing, maintenance and mounting.

• Has 8 main models:
- FCU-197 : Floor Type – Cassette Fan Coil Unit
- FCU-297/397 : Floor Type – Hidden Fan Coil Unit
- FCU-497 : Ceiling Type – Cassette Fan Coil Unit
- FCU-597 : Ceiling Type – Hidden Fan Coil Unit
- FCU-697 : Ceiling Type – High Pressure Fan Coil Unit
- FCU-797 : Trench Heater – Fan Coil Unit
- FCU-897 : Ceiling Type – 4Ways Cassette Fan Coil Unit