Sale Density: Avarage

• Standard Material: Galvanised Steel Sheet.
• Usable for lowering noise level in air ducts.
• Low pressure loss due to aeordynamic splitter design.
• Sound absorption material is made of glass wool and non-flammable according to DIN-4102-A2.
• Sound attenuator splitter-panels have thickness of 100, 200 or 300mm. Included with rock wool material(density: 50kg/cm3). Air contact surfaces are covered with fiberglass.
• Has three models: Standard Model (SA-180), Circular Model (SA-280) and Improved Circular Model (SA-380).
• After placing inside of air duct, sound attenuator is mounted with 4mm screws.
• Eloxal, anodizing or electrostatic powder coating with the color from RAL catalogue.


Sale Density: High

• Standard Material: Aluminum profil and aluminum sheet.
• Usable for inspection and maintenance of air ducts.
• Has four models: Non-insulated (AP-181), Insulated (AP-281: Insulation material is rock wool - density: 14kg/m3), Semi-Linear Grilled (AP-381) and Semi-Grid Grilled (AP-481).
• Hinged door can be manufactured with gripper mechanism, key-lock or dual-hinges.
• Mounted with 4mm screws with appropriate quantity.
• Electrostatic powder coating(oven-drying) with the colour from RAL catalogue.


Sale Density: Very High

• Standard Material: Galvanized Steel Sheet.
• Suitable for suspended roof applications. Assembling with main air duct is done via flexible air ducts, so placing grilles or diffusers is easier than any other application.
• Has four models: Standard Lateral Access (PB-182) Lateral Access with Spigot-Damper (PB-282), Standard Overhead Access (PB-382) and Overhead Access with Spigot-Damper (PB-482).
• On request, inner and outer surfaces can be insulated.
• On request, an air valve (made from perforated sheet) can be added for adjusting air volume.
• Screw, Clip or Support Beam assembles are available for mounting.


Sale Density: Very Low

• Standard Material: Galvanized Steel Sheet + Fire Resistant Material.
• Fire compartmentation with ventilation ducts.
• Closes plastic inner pipe in case of fire.
• Mounted in concrete or light wall, ceiling or floor.
• Fire resistant up to 2 hours.
• Range: Ø100mm- Ø125mm- Ø160mm.
• Plastic inner tube with galvanized steel duct connections.
• Rubber duct seal around the connections.