• Product Group: Grilles
  • Minimum Order: 1 pcs.
  • Availability : In Stock

• Standard Material: Aluminum profile.
• Provides an effective air dispertion with a rational air direction that formed by differently (4-ways) positioned blades. • Has two models: Fixed-Bladed (MDG-108) and Adjustable-Bladed (MDG-208).
• Usable for places up to 3,8m. height.
• Air flow can be adjusted manually or by a servomotor.
• Standard frame: Grilles with 22mm or 32mm.
• According to 40', 60', 75', 90' blade angles, maximum effect range is 1m to 20m.
• Mounted with 4 mm screws on frame. Optional: Clips or Plate-spring applications.
• Eloxal, anodizing or electrostatic powder coating with the colour from RAL catalogue.

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