• Product Group: Diffusers
  • Minimum Order: 1 pcs.
  • Availability : In Stock

• Adjustable chasis and special frame are made of aluminum material by coating.
• Provides a long throw (up to 25 meters) at high velocities. Usable for pointwise heating/cooling in wide and high-ceiling rooms.
• Has a flow rate of 2000m3/h (max), suitable for up to 8m. heights.
• Air thrower ball can be adjusted with 30º angle.
• Has two main types: Single Walled Jet Nozzle (JN-125) and Double Walled Jet Nozzle (JN-225).
• On request, can be manufactured as “Multi-Nozzle Assembly”(as 4-6-8-... nozzles).
• Assembles with round duct connector, direct duct connection or flexible duct connector, by flanges, screws or rivets.
• Eloxal, anodizing or electrostatic powder coating with the color from RAL catalogue.

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