• Product Group: Special Units
  • Minimum Order: 1 pcs.
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• A pressure range of 100 to 400 Pa.
• Specialized formed, insulated, housing painted by an electrostatic powder coated finish on galvanized sheet.
• Three speed levels, self-control motor, double suction type centrifugal fans.
• With an aluminum plate recuperator having a 55% efficiency, energy consumption.
• Washable G2 fresh air and exhaust filter, electrical control panel containing power and control equipment.
• Optional duct type electric or water heating cell.
• Standard, three speed levels commutator switch and an optional digital, multifunctional electronic panel connectable to the BMS (Building management system).
• Optional air quality - CO2 sensor, air supply sensor.
• 230V 50 Hz. - 400V - 50 Hz. Power feeding options of the electric heater.
• Ceiling or wall-mounted, versatile use capability, easy maintenance and mounting.

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