• Product Group: Accessories
  • Minimum Order: 1 pcs.
  • Availability : In Stock

• Standard Material: Galvanized Steel Sheet.
• Suitable for suspended roof applications. Assembling with main air duct is done via flexible air ducts, so placing grilles or diffusers is easier than any other application.
• Has four models: Standard Lateral Access (FRC-182) Lateral Access with Spigot-Damper (FRC-282), Standard Overhead Access (FRC-382) and Overhead Access with Spigot-Damper (FRC-482).
• On request, inner and outer surfaces can be insulated.
• On request, an air valve (made from perforated sheet) can be added for adjusting air volume.
• Screw, Clip or Support Beam assembles are available for mounting.

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